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Step right up! Step right up! Welcome to the most amazing free slot games on earth! Lucky Go Round will take you back to the days when the circus reigned supreme. Our Strongman is here to test your feats of strength, so let's get you ready to hit those big wins!

First, you need to hit one or more Power-Up symbols which will activate the Power-Up round. If you get three Power-Up symbols during the Power-Up round, you'll win the Jackpot! The Power-Up symbols also act as a wild and can substitute any other symbol in the payline (except for the Lucky symbol). Plus, when the Power-Up symbol appears, you can choose to increase your bet 10 times by clicking on the ticket from the Strongman. Doing so will allow you to get some humongous wins! And if your wager doesn't work out, your bet will be added to your Luck Go Round Fund.

In Lucky Go Round your lost bets are always added to a fund. At any time you can cash out your fund for 10% of its value. If you get three Lucky symbols, a new round will initialize allowing you to win back your entire fund if you hit three Lucky symbols! Of the free casino slots, Lucky Go Round is ideal for those you like to brave big bets but also have reassurance that they can always win some credits back. Do you have what it takes to face the Strongman today?