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What could possibly be better than playing free slots for a chance to win real cash prizes? How about getting two spins for each bet? It might sound like divine intervention, but this is Heavenly Reels. To play, select the coins you would like to wager, use the Bet Amount Selector to set the bet amount, and then click the number of paylines you would like to bet on. Once you're ready, just pull the lever.

In Heavenly Reels, the first lever pull will set only the bottom reel in motion. You can hold any combination of the symbols on this spin, which will then be displayed on all four reels, carefully select which symbols will be held to maximize your winnings. The second spin will set the remaining unselected symbols in motion.

Crack the heavenly code! You'll find three symbols encased in green gems at the bottom of the slot. Match the code on all four paylines and you'll unlock the treasury displayed. Want to hit the Jackpot? It's easy when pigs can fly. Line up three wild flying pig symbols and you'll win x1000 of your bet or the Jackpot if you maxed out your bet. With these free casino slots, you'll be on cloud 9!