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Fluffy Paws is the ideal game for those who love their furry friends. If you want an overdose of cuteness and at the same time a chance to win real cash prizes while playing free slots, play Fluffy Paws. As the name goes, the theme revolves around a furry friend which helps you along the way but the best part of it all is that you get to pick your pet; a kitten, a bunny or a pup. The symbols on the reels are cute animated images of little pets that interact with you while you spin away.

Fluffy Paws can be played at no cost whatsoever at Free Slots Land, just click on the "Fluffy Paws" game image to load the game. Right in the beginning, you will be asked to choose a pet, either a bunny, a cat or a pup. If you choose the bunny, you can win 10 free spins and activate the double win feature. If you choose the kitten, you can get 8 free spins and trigger the expanding wild feature. With the dog as a pet, you can get 5 free spins and trigger the Dig It Up bonus.

The bunny free spins are triggered if the hungry bunny catches and eats a carrot, the kitty bonus starts when the cat catches the mouse and the dog bonus when the puppy barks at the dog on the screen. The Dig It Up bonus is a multiplier and can reward you with up to 200 times your bet amount. The kitty bonus activates the expanding wild symbol for five spins and the bunny double win feature doubles the win amount during five spins.

You may be a dog lover or a cat lover or you may be more of a fluffy bunny person. Nevertheless, you can choose a pet based on the features and bonuses it brings or also on your choice of favorite pet. Whatever strategy you choose, you will have a pet as your lucky charm who will accompany you through the game and bring you cool wins and a dose of cuteness. Be sure to register to enjoy our premium free slots and participate in the daily tournaments to win real cash prizes.