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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of aims to provide you with exciting slot games absolutely FREE, without the risk of losing real money.

2. Which slot games can I play for free?

Each and every game available at is for free, which means you can enjoy free slot games whenever you are feeling lucky or would like to entertain yourself.

3. Do I have to register at to play the slots?

No, you can play the slots without creating an account at However, only registered players can compete against each other in tournaments and win prizes.

4. What are the minimum system requirements in order to play slots at

You need any reasonably new device to be able to entertain yourself at 1GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, Flash 10.0 or newer, 512kbps or faster Internet connection. You will still be able to play at with a slower CPU, less RAM and/or slower Internet connection, but please note that you may experience reduced performance and intermittent delays while accessing the site.

5. What age must I be to play?

Access to the free slot games is restricted to players 18 years of age or older. retains the right to refuse service or limit access to the site should it become aware that you are below this age limit during the player verification process.

6. How do the tournaments work?

Each day one of the exciting's games is selected as a tournament game. Players who play the tournament game on any specific day compete against each other to win one of 3 prizes ($50, $25, $10). The winners receive their prize based on the number of points collected during their play. The prizes are awarded by one of's affiliated sites.

7. How is the tournament score calculated?

The tournament score is computed as the sum of all wins during a single tournament session on the tournament game.

8. How many free credits and rounds do I get to play in a tournament?

You get 50 rounds to play in the tournament. The amount of credits you receive depends on the specific tournament game. If the tournament game has more paylines or higher bets you will get more tournament credits than if the game has less paylines or lower bets.

9. I've had bad luck in the tournament. Can I try again?

Yes, you can! Every player can try up to 10 times to gain a better score and rank higher in the tournament. Once you deplete the initial 50 rounds or credits you will be presented with an option to try again. Your tournament rounds and credits will reset and you can compete again for the top 3 positions.

10. I only received 50 tournament rounds. How can I get more?

You will receive another 50 rounds after you deplete your rounds or credits (whichever is first) but you must choose to compete in the tournament again to receive more rounds.

11. I only received X tournament credits. How can I get more?

As with tournament rounds, you will receive another X credits after you deplete them or the rounds (whichever is first). Simply choose to compete in the tournament again. The amount of tournament credits you get depends on the tournament game: the more paylines it has or the higher possible bets the more credits you receive.

12. I'm afraid my score will be lower if I try again.

Registered players don't need to worry as only their best score counts! If you try again and your position in the tournament is worse than your current best score, the lower score will be ignored. If you haven't registered at yet then do so now - your best score will always be the one that counts!

13. Help! I reset my score and now my previous position in the tournament is lost!

Your previous score and position is always reset to zero if you are not a registered player and choose to compete again in a tournament. Simply register now to make sure that only your best score will be the one that counts!

14. I've exhausted all 10 resets and still don't rank well in the tournament. What can I do?

Unfortunately, you only have 10 resets in every tournament but you can continue to enjoy the remaining games available at or wait until tomorrow to try your chances on a different tournament game.

15. I want to play the tournament on another game.

This is not possible as a tournament is always run strictly on one game only. If you prefer to play the tournament on another game you will have to wait for it to become the tournament game. However, you can still enjoy the game and play it freely while you wait!

16. When does a tournament start and end?

Tournaments start every day at 00:00 GMT and last 1 day (or 24 hours). The time remaining for a tournament to end and the current player ranking is displayed on the left side of the screen.

17. The tournament ends in X minutes. Can I still join?

Yes, you can join at any time! You might not be able to fully use all of your available chances to rank in the top 3 positions but as slots are games of chance you may still be lucky enough to win the tournament. So go ahead and try your luck, it is never too late!

18. What happens if 2 or more players have the same score?

The player that achieves the score first will appear in the higher position.

19. I ranked in the top 3 positions. How do I receive my prize?

Congratulations! If you haven't registered yet, then do so quickly as only registered players can receive prizes. When the tournament ends the top 3 players will go through a verification process to ensure the competition was fair and in accordance to's Terms & Conditions. Once the verification process is completed, you will be contacted with further information on how to proceed to claim your prize.

20. Is playing at considered as gambling? is NOT a gambling site. It allows you to play any of the slot games for FREE and win one of 3 cash prizes in tournaments. As the activity is NOT gambling, it is perfectly legal for you to play at

21. How do I know if I won something? Is there a list of previous winners?

Once a tournament ends you will receive an e-mail with your final rank in the tournament. You can also check your tournament position at any time by going to the homepage.

22. I forgot to log in and started playing a tournament. Is it a problem?

No, just log in and your current tournament score, rounds and credits will be transferred to your registered account.

23. I forgot my password. What shall I do?

Click on the Lost Password in the login dialogue or contact the Customer Service Department at and you will be informed on how to proceed.

24. How can I learn more about the free slots at

Click the 'Question mark' button on any game page and you can read about all the game information such as game controls, number of paylines, payoff chart and bonus features.

25. Why am I asked to enter my date of birth during registration?

Your date of birth allows us to ensure you are 18 years of age or older. Please note that only such players are allowed to register and play at Knowing your birthday will also allow us to treat you with bonuses on your special day (planned for a future release)!

26. I'm afraid to enter my personal information. Will it be safe? is fully committed to the security and privacy of your personal data and ensures you that your information is safe. Please read our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

27. On which occasions will I receive e-mails from

You will receive e-mails only when your position in the top 10 table has been superseded by another player, when a tournament ends and on special occasions such as the introduction of new free slots to's portfolio. You can request to be removed from receiving newsletters by sending an e-mail with the word "Remove" in the subject line to

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